Tweet Your Thanks to a Veteran Today and $25 Goes to Paying Off Their Mortgage – And They’re Being Surprised LIVE

Together, we can pay off the debt of those we’re forever indebted to.

Today is Veterans Day, and on November 11, every time a person tweets “Thank you for your service,” Veterans United is contributing $25 to paying off the home loans of deserving former military personnel.

This amazing campaign is being marked by the hashtag #MakeItMeanMore, because, although they appreciate our gratitude, veterans deserve more than just a quick ‘thanks’.

Follow the progress throughout the day and watch as Veterans United Home Loans—the nation’s largest VA mortgage lender—posts videos of the life-changing surprises on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A live ticker of the number of tweets (71,000 and counting) with the amount of contributions (nearly $2 million so far) can be followed on

Hank Bolden just received the news that his mortgage was being totally paid off. An Atomic Veteran who served in California, he was given just a few years to live after being exposed to radiation while serving. Now he’s a jazz saxophone student at the University of Hartford—and he’s on track to complete his degree at the amazing age of 83.

Watch the moment where the octogenarian finds out he no longer has to worry about his home loan.

In preparation for the campaign, the lender contacted Academy Award-nominated actor Gary Sinise to surprise Navy veteran Bill Day with the news that his entire mortgage had been paid off.

“Me?” Exclaims Bill, a single father of four based in Albany, NY. He looks astonished as he says, “I don’t deserve this.”

“You’ve served your country, you’re taking good care of your family there and you’re working hard. We want to do a little something for you,” Sinise replies, smiling.

The shock on Bill’s face is obvious as he responds, “My son is at school right now, he’s severely autistic, we’re having so many issues, this is just going to… You guys have no idea what you’ve just done for me,” he tails off mid-sentence, in tears. “Thank you, that’s all I can say.”

Log onto Twitter now and send out your tweet. All it needs to say is five simple words: “Thank you for your service.” That’s it.

All done? You’ve just helped pay off a deserving person’s home loan.

Remember to check out the new videos of veterans being surprised on YouTube throughout the day—and bask in the collective power one simple, heartfelt tweet can have in changing people’s lives.