Goodell sees more discussion coming on fourth-and-15 alternative to onside kick

The NFL isn’t done discussing alternatives to the onside kick.

Last offseason the NFL tabled a proposal to allow teams to line up on offense, with one chance to gain 15 yards and keep the ball, rather than kick off. Ultimately too many owners disliked the idea, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he expects more discussion of the matter in the coming offseason.

“It is something we have thought, and many clubs have thought, would be an exciting addition to the game, and something I think merits a lot of discussion,” Goodell said.

Onside kicks have become harder to recover with recent rules changes that prevent players on the kicking team from getting a running start. The fourth-and-15 alternative would make games more exciting, and Goodell is right: It does merit a lot of discussion.